Monday, September 28, 2009

What we are drinking

From here comes government regulated water (as in, you can only drink tap water with "beneficial" fluoride included; then you can only drink so much because they'll orchestrate some convenient contamination scheme/catastrophe and order us to ration our supply a la Tank Girl)

look...I'm gonna keep this short because typing with one hand with a baby is lame. But I love you all and want to share: OUR FOOD AND WATER IS OUR LIFE! THEY KNOW THIS! THEY POISON IT AGAINST US TO DUMB US DOWN AND STERILIZE US! (imagine the cynical laughter and simultaneous head shaking inspired from me by hearing that, not surprisingly, the Pura/Brit/Whatever-brand water filter we have PURPOSELY does NOT filter the "beneficial" fluoride from the water....yes, those were the words on the package)

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