Monday, September 21, 2009

"All Black Everything": Irony of the Day

So, more than a few blog commentors (awake and sleep) have noted a seeming allusion to the Black Panthers in "run This Town"-- a statement I feel is pure blasphemy-- and a few smart awakened commentators have proposed RTT to be a scheme of subliminal riotous programming or mob mentality program to incite the masses to a non-productive "revolution" (which will only create physical mayhem in the streets to give them an excuse to go ahead with their plan for military rule).

That still in my mind, I immediately related the concept to this lovely Variety article, full of ironies: Oprah's production company teaming up with HBO to start a mini series on a woman who exposed John Rockefeller, and the Black Panthers.....

you know anything allowed in mainstream media about the Panthers is going to be full of lies, perpetuating misconceptions, and subliminally creating more dissension in the Black and global community. Any time they come out publicly with something on The Panthers, it's usually for some alternate agenda. In this case, I feel it may be part of a plan to continue to place subliminal mob urges in the common people, until a moment when Obama or whoever messes up and then everyone wants a "revolution"

Just my theory for now...we shall see....

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