Friday, August 21, 2009

True Blood and Dionysus (Preview)

Okay. so...I'm a little ticked off. Somehow my internet mysteriously disappeared. Apparently it's working fine, the modem and IP address are fine, my service provider has no clue why I'm not connected. There's no explanation for why I cannot go to any website. None. At. All.

....I could think many suspicious thoughts but....I doubt I'm that significant. I just find an irritating coincedence that my internet goes down the day of the "Run This Town" video premiere I wanted to blog about and, coming over to a friend's house to steal his extra slow internet, I had to subject myself to episodes of his favorite show "true Blood" but found a world of ideas for an analytical post. Unfortunately, this computer is tooooo slow. I will not even attempt to provide a full in depth post with links and pictures/screen captures and embedded youtube videos. That takes long enough as it is on my regular connection speed, let alone on this trash.

So! Notes! and prayers that my internet will return within the week so I can continue fully....

**these are notes i hastily scribbled to flesh out later

Dionysus: horned god...."horny"=lustful/aroused...lingual-mythological association....Maryann the witch, a maenad, servant of Dionysus....orgiastic, raging, drunken, violent revelry in black-eyed trance and a bull mask...."they call her lillith, isis, gaia"=maryanna, servant of satan/baphomet, horned god whose worship under many names includes "free love" (chanrles manson called his love too...and the hippies' so-called love included dionysian/satanic abandon into increasingly perverse sex and drugs) which welcomes "opening ones mind" and returning to "nature" or base animal instincts to wildly and thoughtlessly indulge in sex, increasingly casual/irreverent/violent/perverse, gluttony of food-- leading in many cases to cannibalism, a fave practice of satanists and indeed seen in the dionysian worship as his maenads tore each other apart with hands and teeth (also seen in the next episode as maryann feeds tara and eggs the heart in the "hunter's souflee")....demons always need blood in sacrifice and see how it manifests in rich luciferian elites' bloodthirst (i.e. the mason in "from hell", eating the raw/extra bloody steak...the eating of blood prohibited by the true god in the bible torah and quaran...he also killed he prostitute threats to the crown increasingly gruesomely to satisfy the bloodlust)...after tara and eggs eat the souflee, they become violent and arouse each other by physically beating each other....brings to mind chris brown and rihanna's reportred wild rough sex and bondage....S&M="pain is pleasure" mentality and slave-handler relationship (i.e. "dita"/madonna in song "Erotica") and mk ultra mental switch through trauma to associate pain with love (i.e. ja rule's album "pain is love")....


  1. if anything has come of my research, it is the idea that coincidence is an illusion. my power went out last night, shortly after i saw the vid in full for the first time.

    dontcha just love the organic flow of notes?

    i tried to watch True Blood, but the stereotypes and extreme racial undertones got to me. Have you seen the movie Ravenous?

  2. I watch the series :-[

    Vampires/werewolfs/shapeshifters/Christian Cults & Maryanne in 2 seasons...It is too convoluted. I assume minimalizing the presence of Vampires, by the inclusion of Devil sacrifice/orgy rituals does the trick! The vampires represent which marginalize group in America? Make the appearance of Sookie & Tom(her Vamp) seem All American as he asks permission to feed on her wrist for her human life giving blood.
    There is the typical racist imagery as Tara/Eggs are Maryanne's main puppets, and Eggs the Buck/Stud is her sidekick killer. Now Sookie is projecting (light) and will most likely save the day. Your not missing much!
    Glad you did mention the violence/ seven "sins" as the devil's foreplay in connection to Rhianna & Chris.