Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Masturbation or Lesbianism?

Ok. So I KNOW someone out there remembers this gem from the 2001-2002 season. The common, programmed interpretation of this song is that it is a cute little ode to self-love. That's questionable enough in and of itself. However, upon closer inspection, one may find an even more objectionable meaning. This post is dedicated to my dear long ago friend "illingstrong" who, in 8th grade, was laughed at for gasping, "I thought this song was about being gay!" Maybe she was onto something even then....let's observe:

First, can we take a moment to note MISSY is in the video and produced? She, I believe, is a high ranking illuminati puppet and programmer for female artists like Aaliyah, Lil Mo, Nicole Wray and 702...if not specifically FOR them, she is a programmer for someone. And underground there is talk of her being a big lesbian and gets well around the ladies of the industry. (I never found that surprising. I ALWAYS, even as a child, thought she was gay. Who she think she foolin!??!) Plus, her own videos are very symbolic but I refuse to subject myself to them because I loathe her...I will instead focus on this one and try not to shudder when she pops up in the screen.

[Verse 1]
Tell you what I did last night
I came home, say, around a quater to three [really? a quarter to 3am? the witching hour? so by the time you set your keys down, kicked off your shoes, got out those clothes, you were well into the demonic magic hour to begin your ritual right? yes. yes you were]
Still so high [yes, drugs are known to leave you open for possession, especially by lustful spirits]
Hypnotized [nice choice of words, Tweet...of course you were. by Missy, perhaps?]
In a trance [perfect "meditative" state to be in for this sex rite]
From this body, so butter and brown and tantalizing["this" body, not "my" body?]
You woulda thought I needed help from this feeling that I felt
So shook I had to catch my breath [why? shook from the shock of a lesbian encounter or encounter with a female lust demon/succubus?]

Oops, there goes my shirt up over my head
Oh my
Oops, there goes my skirt dropin' to my feet
Oh my
Ooh, some kinda touch careesing my legs ["some kinda touch"...implying it's still not her own; an unknown touch; perhaps an unseen touch? a spirit?]
Oh my
Ooh I'm turning red
Who could this be? [maybe Lillith?]

I tried and I tried to avoid
but this thing was happening
Swollow my pride
Let it ride and party [she knows this is wrong (whether the lesbian encounter or communing with the demoness) but is compelled to continue]
But this body felt just like mines [again, "this" body...felt just like hers because it's NOT hers, but a body similar, meaning another female body]
I got worried
I looked over to the left
A reflection of myself [a "reflection"? being possessed by her own alter ego and, thus, a reflection? a reflection meaning a ssimilar looking body which is female? or a reflection because the spirit has taken her own guise?]
That's why I couldn't catch my breath [hyperventilation often occurs to move into trance and, thus, open oneself to spirits; sex magic(k) obviously takes advantage of the heavy breathing occuring due to arousal and/or the laborious activity to sex itself to open up]


(I looked over to the left)
Umm I was looking so good I couldn't reject myself
(I looked over to the left)
Umm I was feeling so good I had to touch myself
(I looked over to the left)
Umm I was eyein my thighs butter pecan brown
(I looked over to the left)
Umm comin outta my shirt and then the skirt came down

**[notice when she looks over to the left in the video, she seems to look towards Missy as Missy sings/raps these lines, again implying she is looking at another woman as her "reflection"]

[Chorus 2x:]
Oops, there goes my shirt up over my head
Oh my
Oops, there goes my skirt dropin' to my feet
Oh my
Ooh, some kinda touch careesing my legs
Oh my
Ooh I'm turning red
Who could this be?

Ooh My

hmm....sinister looking ice castle/hotel

something looking curiously like the antichrist shield

oh, how nice: a pyramid

waiting for the witching hour to begin

why would the editor choose to randomly focus on her pager device? is someone sending her a message? a trigger? telling her they're on the way?

the twinned dual dancers (light skinned/dark skinned duality)

hmm...same sex leg caressing as she says "some kind of touch caressin my legs"? I thought you were by yourself, Tweet? nice subtle hint thanks to the dancers (I find background dancers and often their dance steps/'ography give away the real meanings because they often have nothing to do with the supposed cover up story of the songs)

lookin over to the left at her reflection/partner/seducing spirit

how fun! more sex partners...i mean, dancers. more duality. double duality, i could say. and, would you look at that? 4 dancers + tweet= 5 women. Nice balance, don't you find?

looks like a lesbian orgy to me

is that a clock on the wall? they focus on it throughout the video but not too clear...

this sillhouetted figure appears again and again throughout the video. is it tweet? is it her partner? why is her face obscured? why the shadow? could it be representing that it is indeed a spirit, Tweet's "shadow self" Jungian alter ego? the shapeshifting, disembodied sex demoness?


  1. Interesting find with Tweet. Maybe she is singing about both. I assume there is some degree of masturbation in lesbianism encounters.

  2. I'm very impressed with this blog entry. I remember when I first heard this song I sensed there were lesbian undertones. Again, great job, keep up the good work.

  3. I love your blog...Jungian Theory of the shadowy self? Nice.