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Odu for 2010

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Ifá Predictions for the year 2010
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To the priests of Ifá, our brothers and sisters--the oriatés, babaloshas, iyaloshas, and iworos-- and to the religious public in general. Following a tradition of 24 years, the Commission Organized for the Reading of the Year gathered on the 31st of December, 2009 at the Casa-Templo, located on 10th of October Avenue, between Josefina and Gertrudis Streets, Vibora, Municipality 10 of October, Havana City, Cuba.
This ceremony was presided over by the Ifá priest Guillermo Diago Ogbe Weñe, with the support of Ifá priests of all of Cuba’s families and their descendents throughout the world.The youngest priest took out the sign.

Reigning Sign: BABA EYIOBE (Double Salvation).

Prophetic Orientation: Iré Arikú Oyale Tesi Lese Olofin (Benefit of Health or long life—which is solid and certain—granted to us by Olofin).

Ónishe: Rogation with saraekó and its corresponding candles.

Onishá ará: Take baths with Verbena.

Ónishe Ilé: Paraldo.

Reigning Divinity: Obatalá (The orisha charged with the creation of human beings, the head of the 201 divinities of the Yoruba Pantheon, representative of Olofin on Earth, King of the Ancient Igbo people [sic], born in Iranye and worshipped in Ifon, both being regions of Nigeria.

Accompanying Divinity: Oyá, divinity of storms and gentle winds. Identified with the spirit of the ancestors. She is the goddess of the River Niger (Odó Oyá), which was named for this deity. It is believed that she is the first and preferred wife of the orisha Shangó. The tradition tells us that the river was formed originally by the copious tears she spilled the day her husband died.

Flag of the Year: White with purple borders (wine color).

Ebó: 1 chicken, a stick of your height, mixed grains [incl. beans], 16 pieces of bread, 16 peony seeds, smoked nutria and smoked fish, toasted corn, and the rest of the ingredients. The distribution of this document is without charge and the Commission is not responsable for its sale by unscrupulous people animated by greed. Illnesses to Watch Out For Vascular Brain Disorders (Embolisms, Hemmorages, etc.). Serious respiratory Problems (Acute Tubeculosis). Eye Disorders. Bone Marrow Disorders. Occurrences of Social Significance. Great changes in the social order. Increase in the struggle for power (religious and political). Imbalances, differences, and contradictions within the family. High increase in deaths of public figures (political, intellectual, religious). Decline in paternal authority over children. Coup d’etat or sudden changes in political systems. Betrayal and appropriation of authority at the highest levels of government. Serious problems of enviromental contamination.

Freak astrological occurrences related to the sun [king of the heavenly bodies], which could have implications inexplicable to science and, additionally, great disorders in the ecosystem. Rise in sea levels, marine catastrophes, periods of intense drought or abundant rains. Decrease in commercial relations both in importation and exportation. Breaches in treaties. Changes in agricultture and in livestock (goats and cows), vaccines. Continued danger in war and military intervention. Marital breakup. This is a sign that warns of scarcities owed to flawed organization in the distribution of goods.

Recommendations Respect the decisions of elders and the opinions of juniors. Improve organization in general Go search for new reforms in the economic, political, and social order—based on the experience of what has since existed--and as a point of departure work on applying means, methods, and strategies that bring forth a betterment in the life and well-being of the communities of the world. Protection of the enviroment and cleanliness of cities to avoid the outbreak of contagious diseases. There should be sincere dialogues to solve all conflict. Proverbs of the Sign Dead King, Crowned King. I have everything; I have nothing. The head rules the body and only one king governs a town. The young palms grow taller and more leafy than the older ones. It is an error not to learn from errors committed. Contradictions bring light to your hiding place. Wisdom, Comprehension, and Thinking are the forces that move the world.

NOTE: Take positive and negative examples from the years 1995, 1998, and 2004 where this sign reigned. Our Commission remains grateful to the great organs of communication, which make it possible that these predictions reach the far corners of the world. The Miguel Febles Padrón Commission Organized for the Reading of the Year wishes you a happy and prosperous 2010 year.

Translator’s note: the original document in Spanish, emailed to me by Lázaro Cuesta Iwori Bofún, was translated by David H. Brown Eguín Koladé. Please bring to my attention any mistranslations, typos, or ways to improve the document by emailing

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