Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rihanna as Pomba Gira

Ahh look, the Lady in Red... we've all noticed Rihanna drastically increasing the darkness and "edginess" of her public image. Now complete with the inevitable blonde transformation required for every female pop star to ascend, she now often sports an eyepatch to make even clearer her link with the one eyed antichrist or lucifer or horus...

for a while now, I've been likening the new Rihanna in my head to the Brazilian entity Pomba-Gira which is the female aspect, or consort, of Exu-- Exu being the trickster diety (see: Eleggua in Santeria/Lucumi/Yoruba, Legba in Vodoun, Loki in Norse, Hermes in Greek, etc) more often likened to the Christian Devil, the Kabbalist/Freemasonic/Illuminat Lucifer, or, somewhere between the two, at least respected as the Satan of the Biblical Book of Job that tempts Job with God's permission to test his faith and aid in his spiritual growth.

From my understanding, aside from Exu (capital "E"), everyone according to Brazilian belief has an individual exu and pomba-gira that walks with them, like a "muerto" for the spiritist Santeros...these exus and pombagiras (lower-case) are the spirits of those who did bad in life, gangsters gamblers and prostitutes usually, who are boung to walk the earth in death and, having no morals, grant petitioners' wishes with exchange of sacrifice and perhaps candle-light and prayers to help them ascend to heaven if they wish, like the Nkisi of Palo....

Here (highly recommended) and here for more info....

Noticing the imagery most commonly used for Pomba-gira, one sees gypsy women, dark-haired, often with red dresses and shoes, red skin, horns and pointed tails, most always with breasts exposed....

This bruja drew her personal Pomba Gira here...she says:


Pomba Gira is the female side of Exú, the brazilian name of Eleggua, and the Queen of Kimbanda and Candomblé, two afro-brazilian religions which share its origins with Santeria, but where Exú and Pomba Gira are the most important figures. What you see in the drawing is her traditional representation – a smokin’-hot demoness with red skin and dark hair. She is also represented as a gypsy woman, and one of her most famous aspects, María Padilla, was the lover of spanish king Pedro I, so she was probably of gypsy or Andalusian origin. She rules love, sexuality and passion, but she is also a fantastic business woman, and the protector of all outsiders, outlaws and people outside the margins of society, as well as of the poor and homeless. She is fierce and highly temperamental, but merciful and protective with those who are her kind.

Rihanna has enjoyed walking around lately with breasts exposed, a little strange considering she's only 21. Each time I am reminded of that, I shudder. I don't think a normal 21 year old wakes up wanting to look like she does, dress as she does, surrounding herself with darkness and aggression like she does...She seems mysterious and dark like a Pombagira, sexy as opposed to an Oshun-like sensuality; her sexuality is bold and dark, almost painful, punishing even as it is ecstaticly wild. She seems almost tortured for her own sexuality, but tortured the way a Jimmy Cagney character would be, not a Humphrey Bogart, if you know what I mean. She could easily be imagined as one of the crew, surrounded by gangsters and pimps-- not merely one of their "broads" or molls, but genuinely one of them, even if some or all of them may have once had her (i.e. "we Rockafella")

Rihanna seems to have been used as a vessel for darker lust spirits/demons (or, for the non spiritual minded, darker MK-ultra beta alter-egos, even though I don't see a difference at all) through sex rituals (see Ciara video embedded below, courtesy MsOutofTheBox)...could Pombagira be the one?


  1. Once Beyonce started posing with her arms up, showing her pits my Maria Lionza antenna went up. Of course, she personally knows nothing about Maria Lionza but one of the people feeding her creativity is VERY familiar with this diosa.

    This was pretty my ongoing involuntary reaction to Rihanna, Beyonce & Lady Caca every single time LOL!


  2. this is nice work - people forget about collective consciousnesses or families of consiousness

    Streetwalking is part of the collective culture of humankind. Also Rianna marks herself out as a fetish so its easier for her to get horsed than most people