Friday, June 12, 2009

Sitting on her face PT. 2

“The animus in me is Raspberry Swirl. I’m in love with my women friends, but I just don’t eat pussy. [Tori laughs]. But I’m still in love with them. If I had a different sensibility, then you know I think I could, you know, really fulfill someone down there, where a lot of men in their lives don’t. And eating pussy is a metaphor, too - it’s about crawling in their, being with their juices, really being with them.” 

--Tori Amos, [Alternative Press - July 1998] **

Returning to my previous train of thought on Beyonce's "Speechless", the wonderful Patternist/Toure again articulates awesomness regarding the Sacred Feminine/Sacred Sexuality as expressed through/as Beyonce (and other celebrity women). 

I am a person who believes that when you look for evil, it is there. Likewise, when you look for good, it is there. Regardless of the intention of the artists/creators of the thing you're looking at or into. So, although the Illuminati are using stars such as Beyonce to promote an agenda that degrades the female and promotes sexual immorality, I think if one is wise enough and discerning, one can see the evil as well as the good. In other words, although i know beyonce is a high ranking tool/puppet for the Illuminati and promotes their agendas (robotic, sex kitten MK slave), I can also appreciate her as a vessel for expressing positive feminine sexuality as well. The woman as the BODY may be used as a tool/vessel possessed by a sex DEMON, but one can also respect the sex GODDESS reflected in that body as well. It's like when someone tells you it's not the action, but the intention behind it. Or how one can use a knife to perform life-saving surgery or butcher and murder-- Beyonce can and is used for much evil but one can also perceive good in her image and be inspired positively by it. I may not agree with sacred sexuality being used to seduce random men, but I can be inspired to empowerment in my sexuality in the context of a healthy and spiritually elevating sexual relationship with my husband. In that way, I can view Beyonce as somewhat inspiring. Feel me? 

So, I agree with Patternist/Toure when he says:

"The sacred feminine painted as a temple prostitute may shock our conditioned sensibilities, but a goddess is a goddess is a goddess, even when she is a whore. Respect her accordingly."

BELOW is a copy of a comment I left on his page:

BRAVO!!! *claps* Your breakdown of speechless as Beyonce being the message emitted from Mae West's mouth was great-- I read that as: Beyonce, as carrying the torch of the virgin/whore-in-one-body that Mae West had passed to Harlow, Monroe, Madonna, Stefani, Aguilera, etc., is that inheritance of the message Mae West "started" of female liberation through unabashed sexuality (or even coy sexuality, the whole "i'm a wholesome christian one minute and sex kitten the next" that Britney Spears and Beyonce and Miley Cyrus are so known for) for her to, unspeaking/speechless, be in her BODY (not voice) the message Mae West's memory evokes of sacred sexuality, is for her to be the message dripping from (or spread across-- pun intended) Mae's lips as she sits on her face.

I could also venture into Beyonce's own "lips" (upper/vocal and lower/vaginal) joining Mae West's in the ritual kiss (a la Madonna/Britney/Christina) as Beyonce being the next one to carry West's crown or role....her lips also "speaking" the message passed from Mae's own, as her lips are joined with Mae's as she sits upon them and she "speaks back" to Mae from those lips, or Mae's memory. Just my thoughts.

** That Tori Amos post is coming...there's just so much to select from...TOO much...but you all will see soon enough

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