Monday, January 3, 2011

the script, the program in chris(t) brown's "make a movie"

this is a quick, random post i had to get off my chest as the thought flickered through my mind....i could be wrong.... 2:05 we notice chris brown's hands tied....notice during the next chorus, he has a certain desperate, even slightly sad (?) look on his face. when i first saw the video, i was wondering why he looked kind of tortured during a video for a song that's supposed to be every man's fantasy-- sexy girls willing to film their sexual escapades....but i noticed as i watched it another 300 times (hey lol i like the damn song) that something seemed off about it. chris brown seemed very distanced from the words he was singing, and his dance movements were very....suspect.

then by the time i noticed he was tied up, it made me go he supposed to be the one being tied and filmed for some sex ritual or abuse? rapes don't go just one way....

but maybe my mind is going to the wrong place, reading too deep into this. maybe he just a freak. we saw the pics with rihanna's panties on his face. who can say?

is there a deeper implication here, however? is there some predicitive programming/desensitising? is the general public being slowly but surely indoctrinated to being numbed to the reality of sexual abuse. now in every common couple's bedroom there will be a proclivity towards more and more aggressive sexual acts that mimic actual sexual tortures a la MK Ultra.

for instance:

and janet's disturbing discipline....note the use of the phrase "DADDY make me cry...take out your frustrations on me" she alluding to fragmented child-alter memories of daddy Joe Jackson's "discipline"????now the reversal of the abuse is inflicted upon a young boy/younger man....(younger than janet's 44 years), there've been rumors of jermain dupri being a big time pedophile, preying on little boys....but HEY THEY'RE JUST RUMMMMOOORRRRRS RIGHT?

so now we have to be tied to chairs, abused, and filmed?....macrocosm and microcosm. as above so below. they are showing you on a smaller scale what they do in their perverted elite world.

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