Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beyonce MK Presidential Kitten (preview)

It seems someone beat me to it

but I'm gonna discuss Beyonce anyway...

**link the beyonce/monroe paper

Now, I've been strangely preoccupied with Beyonce for about a year now, having previous hated her with a burning passion for her silly lyrics she seemed to have thought were "empowering" ("Independent women"? *shudder* *gag*) and for her materialism. Strangely, I also hated Jay Z with the same passion, seeing him as a misogynist and typical materialistic rapper. However, around 2007, I somehow began forming an obsession with both-- Jay-Z being first, then coming to "like" beyonce because I thought to myself if she was with a man as intelligent as Jay, there must be *something* about her....then they hooked me in and I started becoming obsessed with their relationship....however, even in my obsession and, yes, screaming fangirl-ness, I still noticed things that didnt seem quite right about them together. How distant and fake they seemed, how there seemed to always be rumors of them sleeping in seperate beds or even hotel rooms, how there was that Rihanna as Jay's side ho rumor and how they RARELY showed public affection and the slavish way Beyonce would always walk 80 miles behind Jay in public and how she would shamefully writhe on him in videos and live performances, her face creepily lighting up with childlike adoration. 

there is this extreme creepiness which I'll get into with more detail later....(particularly her alter switch at 0:05-0:23)

Jay-Z - Concert Part 4
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then her insane possessed oshun dancing on the cold distant uninterested looking master/handler who literally controls her like a puppet as she mirrors his moves/commands in the intro

There is also that video of jay hitting a woman and rumors of his violent sexual habits with his unnaturally huge organ **links

There was also that "blind item" rumor about him commanding her like a slave and she would happily obey (see the lyrics of Destiny's Child song "cater 2 u") because she was raised like that as a "southern girl" but of course it's more than just being a southern girl in bey's blind devotion....

things....little things that just didnt add up. that didnt seem right. that make you go "hmmm..." but for a while i happily ignored it, thinking they were a wonderful couple who just liked to stay private and out of the paparazzi eye, not realizing until recently that they were very much aware and manipulative of their image, even the "candid" ones....

now, through my gradual awakening, i see there is something sinister at work in the jay-bey dynamic. she is possessed by a spirit or spirits (i'd like to say Oshun, pomba gira....other sexual "goddess" spirit familiars) and is also an unfortunate victim of MK ultra programming (i'm pretty confident it's Presidential Sex Kitten)....and the luciferian 33rd degree mason Jay is not only her handler but perhaps has ritualistically given her power to open herself up of course sexually to receive possession by spirits/demons. 

**re: my theory on her servicing presidents-- which the celebrity MK slaves often do-- rests on the fact that she has performed publicly for President Bush during her Destiny's Child days and her highly publicized performance at Obama's Inaugural Ball...also, peep how hungrily Bush watches her during this performance (and I'll get to her identification with Tina Turner and others later)

things to notice about bey:


*bees-- queen bee


*cat crawling/writhing

*preoccupation with cameras/pictures "take my picture...on ya video phone" (tell me this dancing in the chair is not disturbing...reminds me of interrogation, being tied to chairs and her pelvic thrusting indicative of possible rape...and more cat-like crawling indicative of kitten programming)

*performed for presidents on stage and perhaps off....bush and obama

*claims to have blocked out painful memories

*claims to be always happy

*the fleur de lis of dereon

*her creole bloodline

*her left and right brain equal access

*strange relationship with father and mother who always look evil 

*father's rumored cocaine fueled sex parties

*fathers rumored fathering of illegitmate "sister" kelly rowland

*rumored age difference

*rumored mothering of solange formerly thought to be her sister

*her breakdown after dc split requiring additional reprogramming

*hailing from texas with bush

*parallels with diana ross, etta james, tina turner, ertha kitt-- possible presidential and/or kitten programmed mk's 

*identification with monroe-- the ORIGINAL presidential model

*alter ego admission (fragmentation, DID)

*beyonce as alice

*beyonce identity twinning in beautiful liar video with shakira-- dancing is very ritualistic, esp. the circle dance on the floor, and the mysterious lights and gold writing, ghost imagery, the morphing of the two girls into each other....

*beyonce and diamond programming (jay's "roc" diamond; upgrade u video; marilyn monroe diamonds perfume ad)

*loubuiton shoes and red bottoms (jays song i know about addiction to sex/drugs, also about satanic demon possession and control, monarch programming, the love relationship between programmer/abuser and his victim--- beyonce!!!)

***zoe kravitz twinning/spinning in i know video; shown addicted and high in different ways: to a man, to drugs, to music in the rave cub; levitation, OBE

****UPGRADE: beyonce doubling/twinning multiple times, multiple identities: the doubling @ the car; the doubling of beyonce "as jay" and the female slave beyonce crawling around the floor in front of "him", the handler); the key for her triggered alters to be unlocked...randomness...why inty he video? symbolic of her locked alters for which only jay(matthew?) has the key-----> the song "ego": "you got the key to my heart but you aint gon get it, i'd rather you open up my body and show me secrets you didnt know was inside...." opening up by sexual intimacy/abuse (?)

*******song: HOLLYWOOD (will do thorough analysis later)

beyonce kitten-- pink panther (pink panther also a diamond....her diamond alter/trigger...her wedding ring...)

does Beyonce have a british alter? sometimes jay feigns a british accent in speech and song (see song blueprint and american boy)...both are "fond" of british culture and jay often uses british slang...bey feigns a british accent herself in the song video phone...


  1. Daaaaamn! talk about information overload. nicely done. I did a post over at my blog on Beeyonce (the Beyonce/Alice pic was my header banner back then), and I came across some of the same stuff... i had to refocus my research on the trinity because i was overwhelmed by the flood of strange syncs around this woman. it's good to see i'm not alone; i feel a bit less crazy.

    after reading this -and a post from Beyonceitis- i'm wondering about all of beyonce's renditions of past r&b superstar hits, and her imitation of/homage to those stars... as if she's encompassing all of their energies...

  2. So much here! I was NOT a "fan" of Bey until "Crazy in LOVE". She always appeared to be empty? However when she was rumored with "HOVA" I paid more attention. They got me! I wanted to see a happy successful young "Black" couple in love. However, I could not forget Jay Z's past and his handling of his product Rhianna. He isn't a drug dealer anyone more but still a pimp! You brought up so many good points.

    "female slave beyonce crawling around the floor in front of "him", the handler"

    To further this ^^statement, in the Deja Vu...plantation video when she symbolically gestures to oral sex to "HOVA", she is submitting. In Upgrade, they are bragging ridiculously about materialism, there is no value in her lyrics. In Upgrade, it also showed his terrible influence.

  3. Excellent post! Jay Z (phony ex-big time dealer) and his BETA Sex Slave w/her programmed alter (mind file)Sasha Fierce -- see how deep the MK'd Palin Family rabbit hole goes...that's right,the hottest politician in the U.S. is dissected and revealed to be an MK-Ultra Mind Controlled BETA Sex Slave/Human Laptop under control of Global Management Team consigliere Heinz (Henry) Kissinger,lots of PICS/VIDEOS

    MUST SEE "Kissinger, Palin, Mengele" Pt. 1 & 2

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  4. yea she is a mind controlled sex slave. shes used publicly tho to drive sex into us and distract us. just check out that movie metropolis. its about a scientist (who happens to have one of those satanic stars in the back during his experiments)who takes the spirit of a woman and put it into a robot/avatar. and they use the robot to put the men in a trance and stuff. its crazy b/c the same dances the robot did in the movie, she was doing in the diva video. its so much evidence of her being into all this stuff its almost impossible to ignore it. and jay z made it very clear in so many songs what he's about. "its a secret society all we ask is trust". now how many times have you heard that in his songs??

  5. I have never ever like Beyonce. Ever since Destiny's Child the camera was MAINLY on her and we knew that "THEY" were always "PREPPING" her to be the next BLACK FEMALE SEX SYMBOL.I thank you [and others] for exposing what I always instinctively knew about this MK-ULTRA SEX SLAVE. Notice RIGHT AFTER ALIYAH'S MTV RELEASED THE SEX KITTEN CARMEN A HIP HOPERA in 2001 -launching Beyonce the Harlot. Her destiny like many other overexposed, overused and over abused MK Ultra Bipolar sex kittens [Marilyn, Anna Nicole, ect] may unfortunatley lead to a pyschological breakdown [Britney Spears] or even death.

  6. Stepford Wives, all the way!

  7. im stilll learning and this was great for me. i try not 2 care much about celebs but they get in anyhow. so bey is jays posession?! he bought her and then some? anyway great job still learning cant really comment much except to say thanks. ALSO A COUPLE YEARS AGO I FOUND MYSELF OBSESSES OVER LEFT-EYES DEATH AND HER DOCUMENTARY SHE DID KNOWING SHE WAS GOING TO DIE. IT WAS A WILD RIDE. FOUND MYSELF SEEING SIMILARITIES BW MYSELF AND RAVEN SYMONE. Why do we get obsessed with these ppl even when we try not to? Remember all this glam n glitz they are still ppl and I dont know how they get in sometimes. Right now I'm leaning towards Rihanna. Why is that? I dont really care for her or any of them. Sometimes I just don't know. Is it because of the programming that we obsess over them? Whatever I need some tea and sleep g'nite good folks.